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Gold & Silver Coated Products

Far-famed for the excellent Gold & Silver Coated Products are includes Gold & Silver Coated Dry Fruits & Gold & Silver Coated Pooja Articles, we are a notable supplier thriving on the customers' trust for a long time now. Owing to our sound quality system, we are capable of carrying out strict quality analysis of the product basket.

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Gold & Silver Coated Dry Fruits

In Europe, Greece and South Asian countries coated dry fruits and cuisine is very common from decades. Royal families perpetually used Gold in their diet to be healthy and glowing face, also Gold was sign of Royal living.

We researched ancient and modern texts for years to discover best techniques of coating dry fruits, Fruits and


Gold & Silver Coated Pooja Articles

Poojan is auspicious event for every devotee. Specially Grih Parvesh, Janam Sanskar and Weddings are important worships and considered as memorable event of life for any family. We cherish your moment with our invented royal gold and silver coated products along with perfect artistic touch of meenakri on poojan articles.

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