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Gold Leaf & Flakes

Edible Gold was a part of ancient cultures of Romans, Egyptians, Africans, Indians, Japanese & Chinese also. Time to time architectural and medicinal advantages of Gold, kept it valuation higher than other metals available for mankind.

Gold Leaf is invented thin form of gold that get approval as a food substance. With interpretative understanding with industrial, International & Food Safety Standards. We manufacture high grade array of genuine gold & silver leaves. There is a number of health advantages of Edible Gold & Silver (malleable leaf), as
  • Body enliven & rejuvenate
  • Restore youth and perfect health
  • Improve Blood Circulation
  • Rejuvenate Sluggish Organs
  • Beneficial for Brain & Digestive System
  • Increase Energy, Will Power, Mental Focus & Libido
  • Heal ailments of Body and the Mind
  • Heal cancer and wounds
  • Gold is an all-natural mineral that is non-toxic and exhibits no interactions with other drugs, and is easily tolerated by the body.

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Assured Quality Standards :
  • 100 % Machine Made
  • Hygienic
  • 23.5 Carat Purity
  • 100 % Vegetarian
  • Quantity & Sizes Exact
  • Food Grade


Edible Gold Leaf for Bakery

Gold & Silver Leaves are Royal decorating ingredients for Bakery & Confectionary. A special  event is architected to extremely royal and dashing one by garnishing cakes and confectionary items with Edible Gold & Silver Leaves.

Our vision is to offer excellent value for money for all our customers. In a quest for


Edible Gold Leaf for Cuisines

Burger, Pizza, Dosa, Cakes, Sushi and also homemade cuisines Ghujia, Gulab Jamun, Kheer, Halwa etc can be garnished beautifully by Royal Gold & Silver Leaves.

Royal Drinks & Beverages also garnished with floating Gold Flakes. In thandai, Sharbat, Lassi, Ice Creams, Keshar Milk, Mango & Cashew Shakes also get a glittery


Gold Leaf for Cosmetic

Beautiful skin needs a good blood circulation, active hormone stimulation and effective lymph functionality. The negative ions that are found in the pure gold can produce a mild current that helps promote blood circulation to the entire body. It suits dry and oily skin alike.

Benefits :

  • Reduce

Edible Gold Flakes

Our storage facility is laced with all the modern amenities, required for maintaining high quality of the products. Also, we upgrade it on regular intervals to meet defined industry standards. Being one of the prominent names in the industry, we, as a Supplier, bring forth a wide array of Edible Gold Flakes to our customers.


Gold Leaf for Tanjore Paintings

Paintings of Gold are made up of 24 Carat Gold Leaf due to its thin structure Gold leaf  can be easily paste on desired painting area with adhesive solution.  Tanjore Gold paintings and Mysore gold paintings are known and popular form of paintings in India. We also provide Gold Leaf Paintings from our famous and national awardees'


Gold Leaf for Interiors

Since our development in this highly inclusive industry, we are highly indulged in the domain of offering to our patrons an inclusive range of Gold and Silver Leafing.

Human beings enhances their beauty and attractiveness with cosmetics, similarly by enhancing the beauty of articles around us we create a more comfortable,


Edible Gold Leaf for Medicines

Properties of Gold  leaf in malleable or edible form is appreciated by various medicinal forms of Modern and Ancient time. Yunani, Ayurvedic etc medicinal streams discovered miracles healing and rejuvenating virtue of Gold. Swarna Bhasma made by Gold Varakh or Leaf is well known ayurvedic medicine for various critical disease. We serves


Gold Leaf for Religious Statue

Gold Leaf are devoted to Gods in India as well as in other Asian countries too. Decoration of Gold Leaf makes an Idol look divine by its glow. Hanuman Ji (Mahavir Ji), Tirupati Bala ji, Sidhi Vinayak, Sri Sai Baba, Mahavir Jain, Radha Krishna ji and all other god and goddess too have gold leaf pasted on idols and Temples.

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