Vegetarian Gold Leaf for Religious Statue

Gold Leaf are devoted to Gods in India as well as in other Asian countries too. Decoration of Gold Leaf makes an Idol look divine by its glow. Hanuman Ji (Mahavir Ji), Tirupati Bala ji, Sidhi Vinayak, Sri Sai Baba, Mahavir Jain, Radha Krishna ji and all other god and goddess too have gold leaf pasted on idols and Temples.

As Prasad Silver Leaves ( Chandi Varakh) and Gold Leaves are devoted in India regularly by devotees.
Our hygienic and Vegetarian process stand us at most suitable position for devotees to use our Vegetarian Gold Leaf and Vegetarian Silver Leaf.

We care Shuddhta and Pavitrata during manufacturing process to keep our product authentic for religious purpose.

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